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Teampel is a project management and instant messaging app

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Teampel is a powerful program that facilitates the project management and planning tasks. The application enables you to assign your job to project members, chat with your co-workers, write and organize your ideas for the task performed, and much more.

To start working with this application, you need to configure the server settings according to your needs (you can download the server installer from the official homepage or use the one that is provided within the free trial version) by configuring various network options and adding members to your work group. Afterwards, you launch Teampel and start assigning tasks, creating projects, and chatting with your teammates.

The application features a stylish and very intuitive interface, so even users with very limited computer experience can handle it. All entered data, from chat sessions to notes, is automatically stored in server, so you don't have to worry about losing any valuable information.

Another important advantage is that you can start polls to make decisions based on the opinions of your teammates.

To conclude, it's definitely worth installing Teampel on your computer. This feature-rich application provides you with all the tools you need to plan, manage, and track project progress, helps you stay in touch with your teammates, and much more.

Margie Smeer
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides you with useful features
  • Lets you monitor details of every task
  • Stores all data in server
  • Lets you start polls
  • Available in many languages


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